Online tournaments suck

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3 weeks ago for the first time in my life I went to a dota tournament just as a viewer. For 6 or 7 years, all the tournaments I attented I’ve been watching  on my own monitor, as I always have been commentating them. This once everything was different. I was one of viewers, I was cheering for my favorite teams along with them, cheering for cool dota, talking to people, eating sausages — well, I was socializing.

And then I’m back home. There is little time until TI5, there are only 2-3 last tournaments in the world. I’m commentating one of them (Esportal) and watch another’s losers final as a viewer (DotaPit). Both tournaments, especially the second, have impressie prize pools, but I don’t care. Simply don’t care. NOT IT. Atmosphere is not it, there are no viewers, no team emotions, you don’t have any pre-match interviews, commentators stay home. BORING.

That was a moment I realized that online tournaments SUCK.


Imagine Champions League Final between Real and Barcelona. Huge money at stake, possible contracts, teams are in their best shape, best commentators work in all languages, but… they play at training base, translation flows from one camera, no replays, no viewers at the stadium, no pre-match show, no award ceremony. But hypothetical Real wins 3-2 in this super-match and takes $15 millions. Interesting???

Of course, it’s easier for hypothetical Real. They don’t have to go anywhere, they play at a training base, no need for photosessions, open practise, they don’t have to talk to fans. Just wake up, practise a bit, play a match without even changing clothes at your own training pitch. And then win $15 millions. COOL!

I don’t understand: CS-GO, LOL, SC2 moved from playing serious tournaments online a while ago, but in Dota it’s still a normal situation. Okay, I know that there are hats and that Dota scheme is a bit different from other games, but damn, it’s nonsense! Remember what was going on during the last  ESL Frankfurt? All Reddit, Twitter and Facebook were discussing the tournament. Photos, matches, highlights, atmosphere — LAN Final, cybersport holiday! And what was going on yesterday during Esportal finals and DotaPit losers final? I can answer for you — zero damns were given.

Yes, there were viewers on stream. About 60k yesterday and today on RU-stream, and don’t forget about huge prize pools. But still, it’s not catchy. Just not interesting.

What do you guys think?



Виталий "v1lat" Волочай

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Один из самых популярных комментаторов в СНГ, начал комментировать в 2007 году турниры по Доте, после этого стал основным комментатором таких событий как ASUS Series, Intel Challenge, Intel Extreme Masters, The International.

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  • Скрипкин Иван

    In my opinion, it’s almost correct. I mean, if the E-sport wants to be as real sport, it should be organized in real. Methinks, Dota has the beautiful level of the development, community and profitability for the E-sport. However, it’s possible to make Dota much popular in the real world. I think there need to fulfill 3 conditions. First of all, Dota must be older. If the majority of players has something more than pocket money, this game can become more popular. Secondly, it’s money: every new market need to be invested by Big Daddies. So it’s necessary to make business more attractive and use the M&A procedure. Thirdly, the advertisement. The Dota’s community is big, but it’s that closed to be prominent for the grass roots. Maybe, I’m very optimistic, but I hope that Dota can become as popular as mutual arts or handball.

  • Валерий

    Watching dota only for games is really boring, but why in online tournaments, there is no small 2 min interview before game or after game asking winner, what was wrong and why they lost first game and comeback then(like in sc2 tournaments). I think it gives the watcher ability to have a view of confidence of team against particular opponent, and creates space for a bit trash talking which is funny.

  • Lars-Erik Jørgensen

    What about offline tournaments that don’t pay out prize money? ;)

  • Александр Архипов

    on-line tournaments is all about money, off-line tournaments is all about quality content.

    All the companies(sponsors) use different approach for investing money. Certainly once the audience in cybersport as entertainment will reach out the break even point, all the sponsors will invest in off-line events cause it’ll be more efficient from business point of view.

  • Ivan Vdovin

    А по-русски можно

  • Jannik

    I think you are trying to manipulate what people would choose to watch, thus the market powers. It serves no one to asphyxiate the growth of Dota, and the market will regulate itself, if it becomes oversaturated.

    Sure enough, LANs are more exciting, but this is no news. That doesn’t mean online needs to strangled from options to compete. That serves nothing. If only LANs were offered, the interest in them would die faster, as well. What do you think? Does people care as much about SL as in the beginning, relative to viewerbase?