The second day of The Summit 3

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The second day at The Summit 3 starts in few hours and I really hope that it will be more interesting than day 1. Yesterday we saw the quickest and the most one-sided day in Dota history. Actually, we saw a lot of «the most» yesterday: the worst pick in dota history, the quickest bo3 series in dota history and a lot of other funny stuff too. If you missed yesterday matches — they are on YouTube already, so, you can watch all the matches, trust me, it won’t take long. I cannot say that something sensatious happened on day one. 2 easy wins by Vici Gaming probably surprised someone, but I don’t really think that many people considered recent Empire’s triumph over VG as a start of «Vici Gaming falldown». Chinese were playing on a whole different level in both matches against Rave as well as against Cloud9 in Winners final. A bit more about C9 again they complained about something. Via Twitter and they personally, Envy told that he was not satisfied with tournament format. In his opinion, yesterday’s match against EG wasn’t important at all, as they had to meet Evil Geniuses again and the second match would be deciding. Pretty weird statement, actually. Why didn’t they take down Vici Gaming and go rest until Saturday? Why he decided that EG would defeat Phllipos? Well, as always, Envy complains about something — chairs, food, format, computers, et cetera, et cetera. But he’s happy with triple-lane Kotl+Tusk+Druid. Considering Evil Geniuses’ current condition, Cloud9 won’t have any problems with them. It doesn’t matter which team passes to LB Final in Friday — С9 are way stronger than both Rave and EG, who terribly lack pactice in new patch. But this is the topic of tomorrow’s blog, and now let’s talk about today’s matches.

Today we have three matches in group B, whih looks pretty simular to group A: we have 3 favorites and 1 certain outsider. Well, we’ll see if results are surprising today. First match at 18:00 CET (19:00 Kyiv/Moscow) is a game between Redbull Battlegrounds finalists — Team Secret vs Invictus Gaming. Very and very promising match. During 3 days iG have been sitting in hotel’s Practice Room and I’m sure, they’ve improved the understanding of a new patch. I don’t think we’ll be seeing Weavers or other not so useful heroes. Of course, Secrets don’t sunbathing under Californian sun, they are actively preparing for matches. Firstly, it’s better to pass the group with 2 wins, secondly, everybody wants a day-off tomorrow, but you have to win 2 games today to get it. It’s hard to prognose anything. Secret have won last bo5 with 3-2 score, but iG have been training for last few days and now ready for revenge. consider Secret favorites and give them 1.7 coef, while Invictus Gaming — 2.02. And I think it’s fair enough. Their chances are equal and whoever wins this series will be a favorite in winners final, which will be played today as well. So, I’ll take my chances and bet some money on iG. The second match is between Not Today and LGD-Gaming. From a first sight, winner is obviuos. offer 1.09 on LGD, and 4.67 on Peruvians. And I fully agree. Yes, we all love stories about e-Sports Cinderellas, but is not that kind of situation. For the second time Not Today fought their way to The Summit and for te second time they have to prove themselves. Even 1 map taken from LGD, iG or Secret is a huge achievement for them. NT probably have some aces up their sleeves, let’s not forget that they’ve been training with EG before the tournament. But we all remember EG yesterday — Americans are facing serious problems. I’m fine having Chinese Winners Final — these guys have been showing very lively dota for a past weeks; LGD vs Secret would be fun as well. Anyway, watch us today, we start at 18:00 CET. Also watch the VODs on our YouTube channel and subscribe to my twitter and VK group!

Schedule for today:  19:00 — Team Secret vs Invictus Gaming 22:00 — LGD-Gaming vs Not Today 01:00 — Winner Bracket Final

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