The Summit 3 Day 3 Preview!

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The third day of the third Summit and I’m 100% sure that we will see at least 1 match with 3 maps. Yet I wrote the same things yesterday and on a day before, yet we all were waiting for a nice and juicy match with 3 maps and interesting comebacks… nothing like that happened. Yesterday was again one of the shortest days in competitive Dota history. 3 series, all three were one-sided, all 3 with obvious domination from one team. For a moment I even thought that I have nothing to recommend to watch today. Only two games from yesterday’s 6 I can highlight — second map of Team Secret vs iG, in which we even buried Secret for a sec, but they managed to comeback and win that series 2:0. And, probably, it’s worthy to watch the second map of LGD-Gaming vs Not Today — it was at least some fight, Peruvians were struggling until the last. By the way, yesterday was one of that rare days when I didn’t bet anything on matches. EgamingBets can sleep easy, I paused my process of bleeding them dry :) Before the first match I was thinking about betting on iG becuase coef was quite nice, but I changed my mind in the last second. Next two were simple — favorite were so obvious that bets had no sence, and I decided not to take my chances with underdogs. So, yesterday was «zero» day!

Today is going to be more interesting. It simply MUST be more interesting. 4 matches, minimum 8 maps, 4 teams leave the tournament — we ought to have exciting games. Here’s the schedule:Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 08.47.26We start at 18:30 CET with a match Evil Geniuses vs Rave. Coef on EG from is 1.08, and their Phillipos opponents got 4,88. As for me, this is huge underestimating of Rave. Americans showed that they are not prepared for a new patch and I don’t suppose they’ve invented something new for past 2 days. So, Rave do have chances. Not huge, but they are. At least, 1 map they should take from EG. Plus, coef is so huge that I can’t just walk away. Twenty bucks for Rave!! The second match is between Invictus Gaming and Not Today. Here, aside from the previous game. just no doubts. Yes, NT fought against LGD-Gaming yesterday, they showed that they are not just dead bodies and can play dota. But it is extremely hard to play against iG, who fight just like Na’Vi in Lower Bracket. My bet is on world champions without doubts.  Coef is 1.04, so there’s no profit, but you can win at least something here. I won’t prognose anything about 3rd and 4th matches — it’s hard and not roght at all. We still don’t know winners of first two matches. We’ll probably see Cloud9 vs EG and LGDGaming vs iG, both of which must be VERY interesting. However, I repeat, I won’t prognose anything. Wait for it during the day from NS in StudAnal group and from me in my twitter. And, while we have some time, here’s a short video-preview of this day by v1lat and NS.


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