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Tommorow, in the evening of 13th of May first matches of The Summit 3 LAN Finals will start. For 3 month we’ve been following qualifiers in all regions, and now 8 best teams will play in finals. As always, there’s a bitter drop — for the second time in a row there won’t be any CIS team at The Summit. All our teams failed during qualifiers, only ASUS.Polar kept it till the last game. Na’Vi took the second in the Redemption Vote, losing to iG — and that was it. Well, it’s sad and all, but let’s get moving…

This time, 8 teams are participating in finals. Format is simple: 2 groups 4 teams each, every group has it’s own Double Elimination grid, winners of upper and lower brackets in each group get their slots in play-off. Let’s start from group A, where are Vici Gaming, Rave, Cloud9 and Evil Geniuses. Vici will face Rave in first round, while С9 will play against EG. First pair is more or less clear, but the second makes you think thoroughly about who is actually a favorite. All 4 teams have shown decent results during last 2-3 weeks. Vici Gaming organized themselves a trip around Europe, winning StarLadder and taking silver at D2CL. Rave, Cloud9 and EG were preparing for The Summit. But while C9 were active, playing at StarLadder and fighting for a slot at ESL Frankfurt, Evil Geniuses showed no life signs after losing to Empire in MLG’s final. They actually played no matches. Management of the team repeatedly said that The Summit is their number 1 priority and that Americans are preparing for it carefully and with outstanding diligence. Tomorrow we’ll see what’s better: to play many tournaments or choose 1-2 LANs and concentrate on them. Now I’d like to point out Rave. Phillipos team definitely has been through some hard times after their successful performance at DAC 2015. They lost at ESL Frankfurt and Redbull Battlegrounds qualifiers, and Major AllStars was simply a disaster. Plus, guys had huge problems with getting USA visas, which made them skip MLG finals. On top of that, Valve decided to give direct invite to The International to Team Malaysia, their direct opponent. I still consider it as an injustice and I hope that Jeyo and his guys will prove themselves to the whole world. However, it will be extremely hard to pass the group with Vici, EG and С9. Nonetheless, I’ll cheer for them and maybe, I’ll even bet some evergreen dollars on them in certain matches.

Group B starts on Thursday, and teams are even more interesting — Team Secret, iG, Not Today, LGD-Gaming. Bloody massacre. The first match will be between finalists of Redbull Battlegrounds. Team Secret answered to all critics, who buried them after fail at SLTV 12, by showing wonderful game at RedBull Battlegtounds. Firstly, guys proved that they have adopted to the new patch. Secondly — they won their first title! Usually it’s a huge achievement, team gets an impressive emotional boost and starts to tear everybody apart. From the other side we have Invictus Gaming, who lost their last two finals (SLTV12, Redbull) and might be in a moral ditch called «we fail as a human beings and will never be top-1». I guess, only a blind haven’t noticed that iG haven’t actually understood 6.84 completely. 2 tough matches against HR and losing to Secret only prove it. Burning and his Weaver, seems like they back to 2013. Perhaps, they will show something new at The Summit, but considering they had no time for preparations,  think, we’ll the the same as we saw in San Francisco last weekends. Pair LGD-Gaming vs Not Today seems the weakest at all at first sight. At second — yep, they are the weakest. Of course, LGD-Gaming played brilliantly at Mars TV Dota2 League group stage, with only 2 maps lost, but don’t forget that iG and Vici Gaming didn’t play at MDL, and they are the main Chinese force now. It’s likely that xiao8 and company will have to defeat iG in order to get to play-off. For the past 2-3 month LGD-Gaming defeated each iG and Vici only once, but lost them both 3-4 times. Moreover, they have no experience playing against Western teams. Conclusion is rough, but LGD will leave Summit during the group stage. What can I say about Not Today? They won American Qualifier. For the second time. Nicely done. Even 1 taken map will be a huge success for Peruvians (by the way, I said the same phrase in preview to TS2:)). I don’t want to underestimate NT, but they will need some unbelievable luck to pass group like this.

It is hard to prognose play-off before the group stage is over. I promise to write play-off preview at Friday’s night already, but now it’s time to some gambling. Our friends from are taking bets on the winner of he tournament. Let’s have a look:Summit_oddsI don’t really understand the coef on Not Today’s win — 2.45, which is obviously a mistake in this table. I’m sure it will grow by the time of start or even it will be fixed manually, so, let’s just keep it out of our minds for now. Better to look at favorites. consider Evil Geniuses as a main favorite to win The Summit 3. Pretty doubtable, I’d say, but it has some logic in it. Very, very temting coef on Invictus Gaming victory! You can win 130 dollars by putting only 10!! That’s my bet, I have faith in these guys! Well, we start tommorow in the evening! On day 1 and day 2 we’ll have 3 matches each day, group A plays on Wednesday, 2 semifinals and winners final. Stream starts at 18:00 СЕТ (19:00 for Kyiv/Moscow)


3 same matches, but in group B, are coming on Thursday!


During the next 5 days I’ll try to update my blog as often as possible. Also, wait for a lot of posts in StudAnal group and in my, NS’s and Casper’s twitters!

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